Vintage Rare Enamel Flower Spray Pin Pomerantz Resurrected Summer Spring Brooch

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Gorgeous Vintage Enameled Pot Metal Brooch
Signed H Pomerantz  1930's - 40's era
History -
This brooch has been completely restored, I purchased it years ago, it's another brooch that survived our 2002 house fire. Dug it out of the yard where the firemen heaved stuff out of the house that day.  Too beautiful to not restore but it took a long time to get to it. Especially figuring what to do with the bell flower. 
 Came out beautifully if I say so myself!
I am a professional porcelain artist, my work was featured in art galleries in the southwest and published in porcelain magazines as well as other publications. I also taught seminars around the country and sold a lot of pieces until vintage jewelry and designing jewelry captured my interest. This bit of history is just for my buyers to be confident that the piece is professionally restored. For many years I bought the early enameled pieces including ones which had lost most or all enamel as I wanted to restore them. Much easier than China painting to be sure, lol! I had sold most of them over the past 10 years, especially the ones I repainted. Here is a very special one

This is a total restoration in that all enamel had to be repainted and all stones too. The purple flower originally had a huge center stone. I found this 1940's giant glass pearl which fit there perfectly. Green glass high domed cabochons are 1930's - 40's era also. The other blossom had such a unique stone there was no way I could find a replacement. So, had to get creative and design a whole new bloom there. I love it, hope you do as well.

Bell flower is made with tiny beads added to where a rare cut stone was originally, had to build it up there. How? My secret, lol! The gold plated metal shows some wear on the back, left it as it was, still lovely. Please read my guide on purchasing restored jewelry.

 There was no enamel left on this brooch at all so this is my own color choice.

Measures 3~7/8" long x 2" across

Heavy piece

Weighs 41.4 grams / 1.47 oz



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