History and Information

Referred to as the first"American" designer clothing company, Chicago-based Eisenberg was started by owner/designer Jonas Eisenberg in 1880. Approx. 35 years after the company started they decided to add jewelry to their clothing to show the public total "look". The jewelry proved to be so popular that retailers had difficulty preventing people from stealing the it off of the clothing. So in a brilliant moment of inspiration it was decided to sell jewelry separately from the clothing. For almost 20 years this jewelry was unmarked, but in around 1935 it was decided to mark jewelry with "Eisenberg Originals" (sometimes the "original" was left off), a mark that was used until the late 1940's (most of the WWII era pieces were also sterling and marked as such) , when a script "E" and eventually Eisenberg in block letters replaced the first marking.

A block E was also used closer to 1960, and from 1960 to present, Eisenberg Ice has been used, with pieces in the 1970's and 1980's for the most part remaining unmarked. In 1994 Eisenberg introduced Eisenberg Ice Classics, which also continues to the present. The clothing line was discontinued in the 1950's.

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