Established in 1922 Reinad, for a long time, worked in jewelry and ornaments exclusively for the garment trade. In 1941 the company offered its first retail collection focusing on enameled and jeweled pins either in flower designs or in novelty motifs. These pieces of jewelry are some of the highest quality, rarest and most sought after of all costume jewelry. These pieces were signed Chanel in script (for Chanel Novelty Co.) and produced ONLY in the spring of 1941. In February 1941 Coco Chanel sued over the use of her name and won. So  the company changed its name later that year to Reinad Novelty Co., Inc. and the signature changed to REINAD to reflect the name change.

They produced few of their designs under their own name, but were for the most part a jobber/wholesale facility producing jewelry for many of the high end names which include Boucher, Carnegie and Eisenberg. [See "A Tribute to America" by Brunialti and Brunialti, p. 28.] Fred Rezazadeh in his book "Costume Jewelry" states "If you see a piece of Reinad jewelry you like, try to buy it, for you will not get a second chance."




  • Chanel 1941 only
  • REINAD late 1941
  • Sceptron beginning in 1944
  • REINAD NYC - dates unknown
  • Script Reinad - dates unknown

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