Jonne' Schrager

Marked Jonne, or Schrager, this jewelry is quite rare and highly sought after among lovers and collectors of vintage costume jewelry. Traditionally, Schrager jewelers created classic designs with exceptional detailing, and always of high quality. They used gold and silver plated base metals, faux pearls, clear and colored rhinestones. The jewelry has a distinct, signature loo, resembling Miriam Haskell, Eugene, and De Mario pieces.

Their earlier pieces were not marked at all. According to sources, Schrager also created jewelry for other jewelry brands, in particular, for Staret. This explains the similarity of some Schrager and Staret designs (for example, the well documented butterfly brooch).

Founded in 1925, H. M. Schrager & Co. had the main office at the 5th Avenue in New York. Jewelry from 1925 to the 1940s is especially rare as their production was much smaller than the larger jewelry makers of the time. The company ceased operations in 1962.

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