• 1981-1983— mark on jewelry–just gray card on mainly plastic and patinaed metals
  • Mark:   1983 — epoxy marbling with stick-on labels marked c.Berebi [the first design was flowers] 
  • Mark:   1984 — produced mainly earrings on card with subtitle “Mes annee folle”[My crazy years] –still using c.Berebi on earrings
  • Mark:   1992 — First use of white metal casting for earrings–c.Berebi on pieces–96% of product output was earrings  
  • Mark:   1993 — first use of lever back style and museum inspired earrings and pins
  • Mark:   1993 — First television show on Value Vision–first Faberge inspired eggs
  • Mark:   1995 — Licensed the Edgar Berebi jewelry trademark to the 1928 Company for them to manufacture the line
  • Mark:   1997 — Obtained sublicense to design & manufacture “Edgar Berebi” jewelry for use on TV; also used his trademark to make first table top eggs and boxes
  • Mark:   1999 — Relationship with TV ends
  • Mark:   2001 — starts to manufacture frames & boxes that had been designed for TV in 1994, and does not intend to manufacture jewelry in the near future
  • Information supplied by Edgar Berebi, April, 2003
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