ART - Mid 1940's - late 1970's

Source:  Internet AJ Costume Jewelry Store

ART jewelry was produced by ART MODE JEWELRY CREATIONS, INC. The company made fine costume jewelry from the mid 1940s until the 1970s. The jewelry made had variety, unusual designs, usually with a Victorian or Art Deco style with glued in clear and multi-colored rhinestones and simulated pearls done in antique gold-tone metals. The company had commonly used unique color combinations of high quality rhinestones and cabochons that were set in ornate metal work or filigree. The jewelry produced was similar in style to those produced by Florenza and was also comparable in quality and variety to that of Hollycraft. The medium to high quality jewelry pieces include figural items and Victorian pieces in many different styles. Marked: "ART in a square with a copyright symbol". ART jewelry is becoming very collectible and the quality pieces with unusual designs, multicolor stones, figural pins and pave set pieces are the favorites and are expected to rise in value. The company ceased operations in the late 1970s.

Shown is a rare piece, a ring with snakes which incorporates an Egyptian theme / design. 

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