The Mughal Empire (also known as Mogul, Timurid, or Hindustan empire) is considered one of the classic periods of India's long and amazing history.  Mughal rule started during 16th century and throughout their ruling period art of jewelry was given a due importance. Jewelry designs during that period were influenced by various cultures and religions. Hindu jewelry was predominated by figures of gods and ancient scriptures. But any kind of figure was prohibited in Islam so floral images gained importance. Even the European Fashion of 17th century, especially jewelry in the Renaissance era, to some extent, had influenced the Mughal jewelry. Overall use of precious stones and intricate carvings are the two significant aspects of Mughal jewelry.

Important Stones were precious gemstones which included diamond, emerald, ruby, kundan, polki, jade, pearls, tourmaline, topaz.  Many   beautiful qualities of beads were also used to make Mughal jewelry.

High end Trifari Mughal designs are spectacular, when possible I acquire those pieces,however they are highly collected and rare. Check out the Archives category for photos of some that were listed and sold. These include Trifari, Jomaz, Schreiner, Mazer and more

Please email me if you want a similar piece and I can contact you before it goes on the site for sale 

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