Victorian Gold Filled Tassel Slide Bracelet With Pearls Wide Gorgeous

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Victorian Gold Filled Mesh Foxtail Tassel Pearl Slide Bracelet

Early Victorian 1850' s- 1870's Civil War Era

Gold Filled

Features a large, ornate, center area slide which is 3 dimensional with intricate gold beading on an engraved repousse design. This is on a wide, tightly woven, flexible mesh metal band. There are five, small, flatback pearls on the front station. The bracelet has a gold fringe tassel with beaded ends trim and engraved gold end. It closes with  an adjustable slide clasp which will fit up to a 7 1/2" - 8"inch wrist which can  also slide down quite a bit to fit a small wrist.  The mesh band measures 3/4" wide and the center focal point slide measures 1' across x  approx. 1~1/4" wide. This gorgeous piece of antique jewelry is in very good antique condition reflective of age. Minor issues are noted  below.

There are 4 gold beads missing from 4 of the tassels. There is a very small area of secondary metal trim missing at one side of the band. This is at the front part of the bracelet close to the engraved end. It is very minimal, about 3/16" total trim not there. Not noticeable if it is opened to fit a larger wrist. Does not affect the beauty of the bracelet at all in my opinion, but noted.

See close up photo showing this

weighs  25 grams

It is unmarked 




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