Sterling Vermeil Turquoise Glass Brooch Gold Beading Etruscan Style Persian Old Costume Jewelry

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Beautifully made vintage sterling vermeil brooch. Shaped in a 4 petal flower design it features graduated hand made turquoise glass "bead"stones, some extremely tiny. Could possibly be enamel...?. First thought they were genuine turquoise but looking closely their color is too even, not showing even a little variation. Gold over sterling metal also shows intricate workmanship with the delicate raised gold "beading" which resembles Etruscan gold metal work. Tiny detailed raised gold work is seen throughout the piece, quite amazing when you see all of the detail looking closely with a loupe. The brooch is completely hand made.
It is Hallmarked on the pinback, letters look to be MFTALL or maybe the last two symbols are i's.
Also hand marked with numbers that look to be 855 on the back. The letters next to the numbers are not clear enough for me to try to decipher.
I am not sure where this was made, maybe somewhere in the middle east. The original owner stated it is Persian but it also looks like it could be oriental
The metal acid tested positive as sterling silver
Measures approx. 1~1/2" x 1~1/2"
Excellent vintage condition
Please view all photos for best details and description.
Shown are enlarged photos of the hallmarks. Please check measurements for actual size