Victorian Wild Violets Hand Painted Porcelain Brooch Finely Painted Romance Old Costume Jewelry

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Gorgeous Antique Victorian Hand Painted Porcelain Brooch 

Flowers many times were given as a romantic gesture for people in the Victorian era. A gift of flowers had meaning, and depending on the type of bloom the gift carried with it a specific message. 

A white violet meant “innocence” while a purple violet said that the giver’s thoughts were “occupied with love” for the recipient.

This beautifully hand painted porcelain pin shows the loveliness of the wild violet. It's a true work of art , the artist here was quite the accomplished china painter. I do know as I am a  professional porcelain artist myself with works that were featured in Art galleries. 

Slender C clasp dates it to the Victorian era, possibly as early as the 1880's

In excellent antique condition this oval brooch measures 2" long x 1~1/2" across

Brass metal has an age appropriate warm patina now 


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