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Old Costume Jewelry, Vintage Whimsical Tremblers and Movable Jewelry

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Vintage jewelry pieces especially near and dear to my heart are the Art Deco era trembler and movable pieces. Because they are so unique they have become highly collectible and now most of what I I collected have been sold But, I'm always on the hunt to find more from that period. This jewelry was designed in many forms. Flower designs seem to be the most prevalent with shimmering rhinestone encrusted blossoms trembling gently. Some pieces had several trembling blooms, others, just one. Other themes are more difficult to find, a favorite of mine are birds which are hard to come by anymore. Some were enameled which are especially delightful to collect and wear. Movable pieces featured flowers which rotated and jewelry with wheels that turned. A favorite of mine which I wish I still had is the Cinderalla's pumpkin carriage brooch which was designed so the wheels turned. Later pieces are more available in the marketplace, I still love the early Art Deco ones best. But you decide, they all are charming to be sure.

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