Antique Victorian Celluloid Dresser Box Croc Alligator Velvet + Scene High Dome

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Exquisite Victorian celluloid dresser box featuring both velvet material and celluloid. The large oval celluloid plaque features a charming scene of two women in a boat on a lake. One is guiding the boat, the other is playing an instrument. Elegant swans are swimming close to the boat, a lovely, tranquil scene. The oval scene curves out in the center so it was difficult to capture the colors, they are very good.

The rest of the box is covered in an unusual crocodile alligator velvet material which has faded from the original color but is still beautiful . The original brass working clasp is bright and ornate. Art Nouveau hardware decorates the top of the box and around the edges of the oval scene. Brass tacks are all accounted for and are in excellent vintage condition. The inside vanity pieces are long gone but the pink inside lining, though faded in areas, is still intact 

Condition Specifics:

 Oval celluloid center plaque shows a small spot where a piece of the celluloid had come off. Also are several discreet stress lines, please note close up photos that exaggerate this. None of this is noticed unless viewing very closely. Velvet is very good, a small separation is seen on an edge when opened, but it is intact. May be easily corrected. Brass hardware is excellent, could be polished but not recommended for antique patina value. Velvet has faded but is still beautiful. Original green color is still seen on inside areas. Black bottom & back cover is mostly intact, shows slight wear in small places. Inside pieces are missing but the pink inside lining is intact however faded in areas. There are a very few small brown spots which may be removed by a knowledgeable antique textile expert. Overall condition is VERY GOOD for a dresser box from this era

Please look at all photos as I took many to show the details in this piece


 9" across top, front & back. 

 10~1/8" across the bottom

7~1/2" high, 

Sides measure as follows:

Approx. 4" across at the top lid area, 5" across at the bowed out center, 4~1/4" at the bottom (on top of the standing bottom) and 5" across at the standing bottom


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