72mm Ocean Jasper Sphere With Druzy Smoky & Phantom Crystals Pearl Orbs Crystal Caves Old Costume Jewelry

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Deposits of this stone are found only in Madagascar. It is a member of the quartz family, and is also known as Ocean Orbicular Jasper, Cellular Jasper,  Atlantis stone.
OCEAN JASPER: Points of interest:
 Discovered off the NW coast of Madagascar approx. 17 years ago. The stone is mined at low tide using only hand tools. Had to be brought back by boat only, due to rough terrain, and bad roads/ trails. As of this time it is no longer being found as no new sites have been discovered in years. Maybe sometime more will be, one can always look forward to that possibility!
This exquisite specimen is large with areas of druzy crystals, some being clear, others are smoky quartz, and some with phantoms. There are a few pockets of "crystal caves" which  are a delight to look into. Pearly orbs too!
 These beautiful stones have a strong positive heart based energy within them. They help one feel better about life as they embody joy and happiness. Also help you deal with past events, allowing a clarity about something previously seen as negative in a new light.
A wonderful specimen for the collector as well as for those who use stones for metaphysical purposes.
I have taken a lot of photos but please keep in mind the ares with crystals are much more beautiful and sharply distinct. My camera does not photograph those well

 Measurements: 73mm round 

Weighs 472.3 grams

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