1930s Rare Huge Eisenberg Original Fur Clip Flower Spray Bow With Jewel Tone Colored Stones Gold Metal

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I've had this fabulous Eisenberg Original fur clip for almost 20 years. When it was purchased quite a bit of the gold plating on the front was gone, all the way down to the base metal. When I sent it to be re-plated I was informed it could not be, the base metal is of the type which won't take gold again. So there it was, this gorgeous piece, which I knew I could redo the gold on  myself. But when? lol!  I knew it would be time consuming to make it look wonderful so there it stayed in a drawer, for many years. Well, finally about 10 days ago I brought it out and did the work I should have done long ago. So beautiful now! Hope you think so too!

I am a professional porcelain artist, I paint with such a light touch that at gallery openings buyers thought I air brushed the pieces. Of course I did not. It took 6-10 firings to build the color onto each of my works to get that look. I added  photos of 2 of my porcelains to show this. Not the best photos as it's very difficult to  capture these soft paintings without a very expensive camera, but hopefully you will get the idea  So when you look at the gold on this fur clip you will see no brush marks at all. How do I do it? My secret, lol!

The clip features jewel tone colored rhinestones in red, purple, blue and green. They are also in various shapes and sizes. Mostly ovals but there are deep red emerald cut stones, deep blue baguette stones, and one pear shaped stone at the top. The stones are all original which is awesome ! The unique design is like a flower spray with a huge bow tying it together. It is signed Eisenberg Original on the back, also stamped with the stone setters mark - A. The gold on the back is original, there are several small spots where the plating has flaked off. This is minor, nothing serious, and not unusual for these old clips. The gold is brighter on the back, no matter how good a person can restore gold, without actually having it plated, it is pretty impossible to get a brilliant shine. But take good look at the photos I submitted, they are enlarged and taken very close up so you can really see the gold work. I show the piece taken inside with a flash as well as outside in natural light without a flash.  You can decide for yourself if you think the work is excellent. I just can't see a beautiful, important piece, languish, and not be enjoyed again    

Heavy clip brooch weighs 2.3oz / 67 grams 

Measures  approx. 3.5" long x approx. 2.5" across  

If you have a rare piece you might wish to have restored like this, please message me for estimate (with photos please) 


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