Vintage Jewelry Collecting,  Art Deco Era

Vintage Jewelry Collecting, Art Deco Era

Ellen Eaton on 6th Mar 2016

My passion for old costume jewelry has a long and wonderful history, I've been collecting, buying,and selling for many years now. If I were to start anew it would be most likely be the same, buying for the look of a piece . A new collector has so many choices. Collect a certain period such as Art Deco, Nouveau, or Victorian? Designer signed? Specific designers? Bakelite and plastics? You might do best if you follow my follow my first rule ; buy what you find appealing, make sure the condition is very good, scrutinize it carefully. Eventually you will see you veer towards a certain designer, style, and or period. I love so many different looks that I went into it as a business. My collecting crosses the board. Favorites of mine are  old Czech jewelry pieces from the turn of the century through the 1930's,  and jewelry  from the Art Deco, and Retro,1930's- 40's,era. Some of the best designs from that time, in my opinion, are seen in : Trifari, Jomaz, Eisenberg Original, Coro, Sandor, De Mario, Schiaparelli, McClelland Barclay, Ciner, and Mariam Haskell, especially the unsigned ones from the 1920's & 30's. They have such an avant garde look! And, of course, the enamel jewelry from that period. But I will always buy a beautiful unsigned piece as well. So, go shop, lol!