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Collect Vintage Designer Signed jewelry Only ? Designer Unsigned is Beautiful & Valuable Too!

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JULIANA D&E Peacock Blue AB Rhinestone SUNBURST Pin Ears Wedding 

1960s D&E JULIANA Rhinestone Pin Pink Aqua Purple & Molded Givre Stones Wedding

After years of selling vintage jewelry I found that many of my customers decided to collect designer signed jewelry only for their vintage jewelry collections. How sad. Sad because there are so many seriously beautiful and valuable unsigned pieces.Some of the ones I sold for the highest prices were unsigned. Of course, now with  books and information pointing out the construction elements seen in certain designer unsigned pieces and how to spot them, collecting old jewelry is even more exciting. You can do some studying and still find treasures which are overlooked by many a vintage jewelry collector as well as dealer. Some you may want to learn more about are listed as follows:  Miriam Haskell, Eisenberg, Hobe' Coro, Trifari, and of course, Juliana. But most of all, collect what truly pleases you (unless you go into the business of selling old jewelry) and have fun with it all!

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