Austro Hungarian Etruscan Revival Victorian Brooch Paste Stones Glass Pearl Cab

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"One of the defining features of Etruscan jewelry is the intricate metalworking techniques employed by their skilled artisans. The Etruscans were masters of granulation, a technique where tiny gold beads are meticulously applied to create intricate patterns and designs. They also excelled in filigree work, crafting delicate wire motifs and intertwining them to form elaborate designs. Additionally, they used repoussé and engraving techniques to add depth and detail to their pieces". 

 The Austro-Hungarian empire dates between the 1860s to the 1920s and was one of the most powerful western empires in the world. Much of their designs were influenced by ancient Etruscan jewelry as well as later renaissance jewelry. 

"Today, Austria and Hungary are two separate countries, with their own different identities and jewelry history. Nevertheless the combination of the two nations in this 80 year period saw some of the most spectacular jewelry ever made! 

This beautiful brooch is a stunning example of  the combination of ancient Austro Hungarian, Etruscan, and renaissance era jewelry, all of which has inspired artisans for many decades after. There is pure beauty in both artistic design as well as construction in this pin. The main center stone is an oval glass pearl cabochon which is accented by clear and purple paste rhinestones. The purple stones are especially unique as they a rare color which resemble high grade Tanzanite gemstones, a shade you don't see in later, as well as contemporary rhinestone jewelry.  Additionally, the brooch is created in a 3 dimensional design with a top layer that features ornate metal work with intricate details of vining leaves that weave in and among the stones. This top section is made of brass and is beautifully adorned with the glass pearl and all of the paste cabochons. The lower area shows more of the Etruscan style workmanship with fine metal beading and intricate filigree wire work. This bottom level has a gold gilt finish with the original color of the metal being silver. This is best seen in the back view of the brooch. 

In very good to excellent excellent antique condition, BEAUTIFUL !!

All stones are present and sparkling

 The wide C clasp securely holds the  the pin back in place
This brooch is perfect for those who seek the one of a kind antique jewelry and its timeless style.  This piece is certainly that making it a desirable addition to any vintage jewelry collection. 
Measures 2~1/4" across x a bit over 1~1/2" long
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Warranty Information

Almost all of our jewelry is in very good - excellent used condition. However, please keep in mind because they are vintage some pieces may show very gentle wear as in slight loss of brilliance in stones, barely visible scratches on metal, and patina on metals. Obvious damage is always disclosed...please view enlarged photos for best details