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Trifari offered special collections some of which are: "L'Orient", "Orientique" (simulated pearl), "Cascade","Goldengate" "Pirouette", "Radiance","Skylark", "The Enchanted Touch", "Promenade" "Heiress", "Duchess", "Queen of Diamonds," "Gem of India", "Starflower","GoldenFlame", "Lightening" and others which I will update as I research more. So much fun! 

Photo 1 - Enchantment

photo 2 - Wild Rose

photo 3 - Etude

photo 4 - Sorrento

photo 5 - Briolette Collection, fabulous faceted glass balls, came in several colors. 

1966 Trifari " Briolette Collection" Brooch.  The plating alloy "Trifarium" was developed by Trifari. Information  in their catalog  stated:
"Round faceted stones in golden or platinum toned Trifanium with sapphire, Golden toned Trifanium with crystal, fuchsia, topaz, jet or olivene.



9 of 9 Items
9 of 9 Items