Vintage BOUCHER Paste Stones Brooch 1950 Art Deco Pin Spiral Design Mystery Mark Old Costume Jewelry

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Art Deco Spiral Brooch Signed Boucher features clear pave' set rhinestones and baguette stones set in a 3 dimensional "whirlpool, spiral, vortex design. Very cool! Silver plated metal. Made in 1950 according to company inventory info because there is no copyright symbol next to the signature. However, "Boucher Inventory Numbers dates are approximate, as designs could have been assigned numbers, but not produced until a future time". But in this case it's backwards as the 5579 is supposed to be AFTER 1955 and this pin, because it has no copyright mark was supposed to have been made pre 1955.

 But if you look at the last date of 1950 it shows inventory numbers of 3001 - 4500.

 I did find one mark like the one on my brooch which is seen in the group photo below 

More on the marks:

Boucher 3033” from 1950.  

 “Boucher” mark was used from 1950-1955 

There is no mark like the one on my brooch actually showing on the information website, however there is one that is the same elsewhere which I took a photo of and added above
  Boucher with the copyright mark preceding it was used from 1955 0n
1945: 2300-2350
1946: 2351- 2450
1947: 2451-2550
1948: 2551-2751
1949: 2751-3000
  1950: 3001-4500 After 1955 the marks had the copyright symbol
 So take a look at all photos, especially of the marks on the back, and decide when this was actually made.

I think it has the more distinct look of a piece from 1950. Has a more Art Deco to Retro look.

Brooch is in very good vintage condition with sparkling clear beautiful stones. The silver plated finish shows light scratches on the back.This is normal for a piece this old and does not affect the beauty of the piece (in my opinion)

Measures approx. 2" across x approx. 1~3/8" long 


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