Vintage 1930's Celluloid Enamel Cowgirl Brooch Western Lady With Rope Boots Hat Old Costume Jewelry

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VINTAGE Western THEME CELLULOID  Cowgirl with a Lasso rope!
1930's Super Old Brooch
Enameled red and black, she wears shiny black boots, gloves, and bandana, with a red top, red hat band, and red bottom pleated  skirt. Her face still has the original paint and that's in great condition as well!
These are so hard to come by these days, they're simply scarce, especially in this wonderful condition! Every decade had their western themed jewelry, the OLD WEST was ever popular and these pins were the rage for many many years.  Yes.. even among us here in the Old South, lol!  It is perfect for the Horse Lover, Rodeo Fan or Old Western Movie collector too. 
She is an excellent example of early plastics in Jewelry! 
Measures 1~7/8" from top of her hat to the toes of her boots
Measures 6/8"" across at the hem of her skirt.
Excellent vintage condition with only the pin back showing a bit of discoloration in places. The celluloid clasp is intact but I have not tried to secure the pin into it. It is very hard and I don't want the celluloid to crack or break so am leaving it as it is

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