Boucher Gold Pearls Carnation Pin Earrings Set Flower of The Month January

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Signed and numbered Boucher Carnation vintage brooch and earrings set


  Signed and numbered gold plated flower brooch and earrings, this set was produced by Boucher Jewelry between 1961 and 1963 in a series called the flower of the month club. Each month Boucher issued a new brooch in a different flower type. Most of the flower brooches had 1 to 12 actual salt water pearls adorning them and the series was very popular. The brooch measures approx. 3" by 1 1/4" and has one salt water pearl centering the flower and a pearl in the center of each earring.

 Beautiful 3D construction and form

 The larger pearl in the brooch has some peeling of the nacre showing the more milky area beneath. In that area the pearl doesn't  have a luminous luster... Looks fine, especially when wearing the pin, but if looking closely you will see a luster (or nacre, top layer) on about 1/2 of the pearl. The small pearls' luster is beautiful. Everything else is fine on all pieces 

 Collecting them all would be a fun (and beautiful) challenge!

 Please view all photos for best details



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