Antique Victorian Etruscan Revival Bracelet C1880 Gold Filled Bypass AKA Coil Wrap Design

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Antique bypass bracelet dating to the 1880's era. It is made of coiled gold filled metal with oblong decorative embellishments accenting each end. Wonderful Etruscan elements are especially nice which you can see in the tiny beaded metal making up the twist like coils in between each segment of the larger coils.  The Etruscan Revival style is characterized by applied filigree and beading, granulation of the surface, or other effects such as rope or woven motifs. It was inspired by archeological digs in Italy of Etruscan ruins in the second half of the 19th century, and was especially popular in the 1860s‑1870s. So it's technically a piece of late Victorian jewelry.

The inside opening measures 2~1/8" in diameter and opens a bit wider to fit a larger wrist.  However, the antique bracelets from this time period were made for smaller wrists so I will say it is made for a small to medium small wrist.

As with most gold filled items like this you do see wear to the gold filled metal. Every segment shows wear to the gold on the coil area of the bracelet. The embellishments on the ends are excellent however. Those ends are most likely antiqued as they are much darker than the rest of the metal. They feature brighter, gold filled, cut out, designs on top of them. The contrast between them is beautiful and the cut out designs show no wear at all.

Being well over 100 years old I would say this is acceptable condition with typical signs of use for it's age. It is a lovely piece and  would most certainly be a desirable addition to your antique jewelry collection!


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