Antique Rare Chinese Rose Quartz & Aventurine Gemstone Necklace Intricately Beaded

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Rare Vintage Chinese Gemstone Necklace

Containing particles of mica formed from microcrystalline quartz, Aventurine is known for its gently sparkling sheen that glistens under light, but especially so in sunlight. A major source of green Aventurine comes from India where much is mined, this beautiful stone is popular for use in jewelry especially beaded necklaces, but is often incorporated into boxes, intricate figurines or other artwork. Known as the Stone of Opportunity,”  The Aventurine stone is known in the gemstone world as one of the luckiest stones, which makes it a very desirable stone to acquire for good luck and prosperity.

Beautiful, intricate beading seen in this gorgeous necklace! Features several sizes of rose quartz and aventurine gemstone beads. Most eye catching in the design are the clusters of rose quartz beads which are strung together into "ball" shapes on either side of the piece. These ball clusters have aventurine beads strung onto each end with 3 strands of small rose quartz beads strung together making this unique design.
 Each 3 strand and cluster adds amazing beauty and design to the long, single strand, necklace. 
There are several sizes of beads in this necklace, the largest ones measure 10mm round, the smallest are seen on the 3 strand sections which measure 3mm round each. The rose quartz beads making up the ball clusters each measure 5mm round, other rose quartz beads measure 7mm round and the aventurine beads measure 8mm round. Most of the beads are hand knotted, the exception is the 3 strand sections and the ball clusters which are not. No clasp, the necklace is long so one is not necessary.
 In excellent vintage condition measuring approx. 32" long

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