1920's 14K Rose Gold Alexandrite Bracelet Huge Gemstones Etruscan Egyptian Revival Jewelry

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Rare 1920's Estate Bracelet, 14k Rose Gold, Egyptian and Etruscan Revival Bracelet

This Fabulous piece features Etruscan gold work in the use of filigree through finely twisted wires applied to the surface of the jewelry.

"To understand the appeal of Etruscan Revival jewelry, you have to understand the appeal of the original Etruscan jewelry unearthed in tombs just outside Rome in the early 1800s. Intricately wrought golden earrings and necklaces were meticulously ornamented with tiny gold beads and twisted wires densely applied to the surface. Nobody had seen gold worked like that since the mysterious Etruscans had carefully buried the treasures with their dead. The science of archeology was just beginning to fire the imagination of the world and discoveries were gleefully copied. By the middle of the century Egyptian and Renaissance revival jewelry was joined by the classical Greek and Etruscan styles." Source - Jewelry History: The Etruscan Revival Jewelry

 This bracelet features three, huge, round, faceted, lab created, Alexandrite Gemstones. The four other links each have an Egyptian pharaoh in the center and shows beautifully executed metal work applications which include open cut out work, rows of "twist" design gold beading which resemble tiny beads of Etruscan granulation work, equally tiny links which make a miniature chain, all of which are wound around and below the top of the link, Add in the triangular shaped gold leaves and beautiful prongs which secure the stones and you have a gorgeous, elegant, 3 dimensional, intricately designed bracelet.  The large, elegant, slide-in locking clasp is especially striking  

 The Alexandrite gemstones here are spectacular! Three breathtakingly beautiful round, faceted, gemstones show amazing dual color change as you move them from warm to cool light. But even in natural room light you see flashes of the fuchsia color throughout the cool blue/purple color.  I have not seen this as intensely in other lab Alexandrite stones  I have sold before. It was difficult to capture the colors of these stones so please view them all.  The photos are enlarged so please be sure to  take note the measurements provided!

Stones measure approx. 14mm round x approx. 7mm deep (at the bottom point). The total measurement of each link setting measures approx. 19.4 - 19.6mm round in diameter 

Approx. Carat weight is 9.21 each per large stone, Approx. TCW - 27.6

Weight - 39.9 grams

Beautiful vintage condition with no issues to note. Stones are excellent with no damage that I can see. 

Measures 7~1/4" long x 13/16" wide 


Please view the similar lavalier necklace which came from the same estate 

Shipped fully insured and carefully packaged

Email me with any questions you may have


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